GASBOX Autopower is a petrol engine gas analysis tool which allows diagnostic tests to be carried out on emissions (negative engine function, elevated consumption, diagnostic warning signal, ignition on cold engine check, catalyst check ect..) and verifies that the values tally with law requirements. GASBOX Autopower was developed to be used as practical and flexible tool which will be useful to all types of operators within the sector. The older analysis tool has been incorporated with a practical trolley with wheels. This way, by simply extracting the telescopic handle, the analysis tool may be easily moved from one end of the workshop to the other to reach the vehicle being tested.
A particular solution allows the tool to be disconnected from the trolley by using the handle to manually move it and place it on any work surface.

To guarantee the best dynamics of use, in addition to the traditional socket for direct connection to the mains, GASBOX can be combined with Power Pack, the practical removable module for separate recharging. This solution ensures you always have one or more batteries fully charged and ready for use.
By opting for Power Pack and thanks to the Bluetooth wireless technology for data communication, the TEXA solutions for emissions analysis allow for the elimination of all wires within the workshop, both between tools and the viewing unit and between tools and the mains.
There will be no need for wires in the workshop as it will no longer be necessary to connect the analysis tool to a supply socket. Thanks to Wireless Bluetooth connection, GASBOX Autopower and RC3 or RC2 engine revs test interfaces communicate with the display unit (any PC, the fixed MULTIPEGASO station or with any Axone's range tool) without the requirements of any cables. The operator will be able to position his/her self wherever necessary without having to stay beside to the analysis tool.
For example, he/she will be able to leave the vehicle outside and carry out the test from within the workshop.
CD NERO software is supported by a complete vehicle database. By selecting the vehicle model, make and engine on the initial menu; the procedures will be activated and will aid the technician with the correct test procedure to be carried out. The emissions test may be viewed and integrated with the diagnosis of the vehicle by using the IDC4 system.

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